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David J. Nazaire efficiently navigates the ultra-competitive markets in the New York Metropolitan area to deliver a wide array of real estate services to his valued customers.

David began his career at Rhodium Capital Advisors as a personal driver/assistant to Mark Silber, and later as a Real Estate Salesperson at Frederick Schulman & Associates. During those formative years David was also under the mentorship of Toll Brothers' acquisition manager Sean Purdy and real estate entrepreneur Mark Meisner of The Birch Group.

David is currently a Real Estate Salesperson at Triforce Commercial Real Estate and founder of Off Market Gold to facilitate his rapidly growing consulting business for private clients. David has accrued an invaluable network of investors, and has guided his clients to successfully close more than 50 million in transactions.

As a first-generation Haitian-American raised in Nanuet NY, David credits his parents and upbringing for his strong sense of community and deep desire to help people. Developing relationships by earning trust, showing loyalty, and delivering on promises is a source of great pride. In his own words, “Every customer is family and this approach to business is the key to meaningful and lasting connections.”
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