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Sami Bakjaji is a licensed Real Estate Sales Person in New York with Triforce Commercial LLC and working at his home office. He comes to the Real Estate business after a successful career in assisting customers in the restaurant industry where he collaborated effectively with team members in a high-pressure work environment to deliver customer orders promptly, accurately, and with care, and has found that his prior experience has helped him in servicing his client’s needs. "In all these years in which I have been active in the field of customer service I have met many people with different backgrounds, but also different social and financial statuses, and I have learned to meet all their desires and fulfill them", he says. He represents both buyers and sellers in all areas of the Hudson Valley and is well-known in the business for his involvement and attention to detail.

When working with both sellers and buyers, Sami's communication skills and attention to detail come in handy. His perseverance, as well as his passion for the Real Estate sector, have all contributed to his success.

He was born in Romania but moved to New York a few years ago after falling in love with the people and culture and decided to settle in the area where he still lives. Sami Bakjaji is proud to be a polyglot, a trait that allows him to effortlessly make friends with people of other nations as well as Romanian, Moldovan and Hispanic citizens.
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